The eighteenth century Palazzo Balleani will, in fact, become a cutting-edge multi-purpose centre with the very best of regional products, and a point of reference for anyone seeking to come into contact with production/industry, consortia, tour operators, Marche culture and terroir, with 32 products of excellence presented: from the DOC and DOCG wines to the Slow Food features, from organic production to QM (Qualità Marche, the Regional mark that through Assam, certifies the quality and traceability of agricultural and agricultural food productions) and oil, from DOP to IGP. These are all aspects to be discovered through themed, multimedia routes, tasting opportunities, promotional and corporate events, professional and amateur cooking classes, training courses, incoming meets for national and foreign operators. The real jewel in the crown, in addition to the areas dedicated to reception and food, will be videos shown on touch screen devices.

Room 1

The Marche Wine
Interactive wine monitor with Docg, Doc and Igt

The flavors of the Marche
Interactive monitor dedicated to a selection of recipes and special preparations.

The hidden treasures of the Marche
Dedicated interactive display dedicated to delicacies such as truffle, saffron, grains, etc …

Room 2

Dop and Igp Products
Interactive Monitor for Dop Products (Protected Designation of Origin) and Igp (Protected Geographic Indication)

QM Products
Interactive Monitor dedicated to QM products (Guaranteed Quality of the Brands)

Room 3

The Slow Food Marche Presidiums
Interactive Monitor dedicated to Slow Food Preservatives such as the Artichoke of Montelupone or the Salame of Fabriano

Bio, as rurality commands
Interactive monitor dedicated to products from cultivation or biological breeding

Room 4

The Landowner
An interactive monitor dedicated to anecdotes, biographies and narratives about some of the characters who have had some impact on Marxian agriculture and food and wine.